Nairy Baghramian

Maintainers F
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Maintainers F, 2018
Casted aluminum, painted aluminum, cork, styrofoam, paraffin wax

installed 153 x 210 x 200 cm / 60.23 x 82.67 x 78.74“
metal plate 152 x 197 x 29 cm / 59.84 x 77.55 x 11.41“
Model K (green) 151 x 104 x 41 cm / 59.44 x 40.94 x 16.14“
Model J (blue) 93 x 113 x 22 cm / 36.61 x 44.48 x 8.66“
Model i (grey) 51 x 103 x 104 cm / 20.07 x 40.55 x 40.94"

Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points
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Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points, 2019
powder coated bronze

Installation view Mudam, Luxembourg, 2019

(NB484 & NB553)
Breathing Spell
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Breathing Spell, 2018
glass, zinc coated metal, coloured epoxy resin

16 x 17 x 13 in. (40.6 x 43.2 x 33 cm)
Installation view ”Breathing Spell“, Reina Sofia Crystal Palace, 2018

Sitzengebliebene / Stay Downers
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Sitzengebliebene / Stay Downers, 2016
polyurethane, lacquered aluminium, siilicone

Installation view ”Déformation Professionelle“, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2017

Jupon Suspendu
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Jupon Suspendu, 2017
Wax, steel, lacquered aluminium

366 x 250 x 250 cm / 144,09 x 98,43 x 98,43"

Drawing Table (Homage to Jane Bowles)
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Drawing Table (Homage to Jane Bowles), 2017
Waxed wood, lacquered aluminium, rope, painted canvas, mouth-blown glass, polyurethane, marble plaster, steel, stainless steel, wax

as installed 290 x 610 x 130 cm / 114,17 x 240,16 x 51,18"
Installation view ”documenta“, Athens, 2017

Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points
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Beliebte Stellen / Privileged Points, 2017
2 parts, bronze, lacquer, zincked steel, rubber

Front yard: approx. 200 x 700 x 500 cm / 78,74 x 275,59 x 196,85"
Back yard: approx. 150 x 600 x 400 cm 7 59,06 x 236,22 x 157,48"
Installation view, ”Skulpturprojekte Münster“, Munster, 2017

As Long as it Lasts
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As Long as it Lasts, 2017
Epoxy resin, polished aluminium, powder coated steel, rubber

front room: 381 x 580 x 730 cm / 150 x 228,35 x 287,4"
back room: 381 x 365 x 430 cm / 150 x 143,7 x 169,29"
Installation view, ”SÅ LÆNGE DET VARER“, SMK Copenhagen, 2018

Smart Water (after Michael Asher, Untitled 1991, UCSD)
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Smart Water (after Michael Asher, Untitled 1991, UCSD), 2017
C-print in artist frame, metal, lacquer, glass

photograph: 107 x 160,5 cm / 42,13 x 63,19"
frame: 162 x 108,5 x 8,7 cm / 63,78 x 42,72 x 3,43"

Dwindler_Low Tide
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Dwindler_Low Tide, 2017
6 parts, glass, zinc coated metal, coloured epoxy resin

55,88 x 543,56 x 421,64 cm / 22 x 214 x 166"

Sitzengebliebene / Stay Downers
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Sitzengebliebene / Stay Downers, 2017
polyurethane, lacquered aluminium, siilicone

Installation view ADAA, New York, 2018

Dwindle Down
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Dwindle Down, 2017

Installation view Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, 2017

Chin Up
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Chin Up, 2015
leather, chromed steel

Installation view ”Hand Me Down“, Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, 2015

The Pincher
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The Pincher, 2017
C print in artist frame

photograph 90 x 135 cm / 35,43 x 53,15"

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Gorge, 2017
Polished and sanded aluminum, glass, epoxy resin, polyurethane foam, silicone

128,3 x 116,8 x 38,1 cm / 50,51 x 45,98 x 15"

Sitzengebliebene (Schmuddelkind) / Stay Downers (Grubby Urchin)
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Sitzengebliebene (Schmuddelkind) / Stay Downers (Grubby Urchin), 2016
Polyurethane, lacquered metal, silicone

97 x 117 x 20 cm / 38,19 x 46,06 x 7,87"

Formage de Tête (Vitrine Rafraîchirée)
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Formage de Tête (Vitrine Rafraîchirée), 2016
Lacquered metal, glass, porcelain

95 x 125 x 147 cm / 37,4 x 49,21 x 57,87"

Big Valve
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Big Valve, 2016
Zinked metal, painted polyurethane, polycarbonate

158 x 225 x 110 cm / 62,2 x 88,58 x 43,31"

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Headgear, 2016
Polished stainless steel, polished aluminium, fabric, silicone, rubber, polyurethane foam, polycarbonate

approx. 700 x 500 x 150 cm / 275,59 x 196,85 x 59,06"

Portrait (The concept-artist smoking head, Stand-In)
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Portrait (The concept-artist smoking head, Stand-In), 2016
Baryte b/w print (framed)

122,5 x 122,5 x 5,5 cm / 48,23 x 48,23 x 2,17"




(b. Isfahan, Iran, 1971)





Privileged Points, MUDAM, Luxembourg



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