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Annette Messager - Affaires Personnelles Transfo, centre culturel d’Eammaüs Solidarité, Paris

An emergency shelter turned cultural space, in Paris: Transfo, the cultural center of Emmaüs Solidarité, is the home of a new exhibition with works by Annette Messager, illuminated by images by photographer Nicolas Krief and a report by journalist Isabelle Rey-Lefebvre.

Affaires personnelles takes a closer look at the facilities known as ‘bagageries solidaires,’ that were created to provide people experiencing homelessness with a place to store and secure their personal belongings. Free of charge, they aim to provide material and psychological assistance, protecting sleeping bags, clothing, documents, and souvenirs from loss, damage, or theft.

Messager explores the concept of historical and personal belongings by providing a collection of her own: down jackets, shoes, and coats taken from her wardrobe and that of her late husband.

Transfo offers both educational and sensitive tours of the exhibition. Developed by a tour guide from the National Museums, they are led by people accompanied by Emmaüs Solidarité and local residents who volunteer to welcome and guide the public through the exhibition.

During the exhibition period, the Transfo will collect warm clothing for men, women and children.

23 November 2023 - 3 February 2024

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