Solo Exhibition

Leonor Antunes - Measuring, Caring, Interlacing Forum Arte Braga, Serralves, Lisbon

The exhibition presents a group of works by Leonor Antunes held in the Serralves Collection that relate to modernist houses which she visited and studied in detail. Antunes replicates, transforms and decontextualizes the buildings’ architectural elements which are adapted to each exhibition setting according to different configurations that guide the gaze and the movement of the body in space. Installed according to Antunes's indications, the works presented in the show are not perceived as isolated objects: they relate to one another to create an environment that encompasses both the space and its visitors.

This exhibition is part of the Touring Exhibitions Programme of the Serralves Collection, which aims to make the Foundation’s collection accessible to different audiences across the country.

Curated by Joana Valsassina
Production: Fundação de Serralves — Museu de Arte Contemporânea

Installation views: © Filipe Braga

31 March - 19 June 2022

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