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Solo Exhibition

Maurizio Cattelan "Smoke" at ArtBasel

Smoke is an episodic exhibition that takes place in the ArtBasel | Basel booths of Maurizio Cattelan’s galleries: MASSIMODECARLO, Marian Goodman Gallery, and Perrotin*. 

Each individual gallery will present a part of the exhibition; each presentation is autonomous (and shown alongside the galleries’ other artists) and yet indissolubly bound to the other two parts.

While commenting on the global art world, and challenging a new post-Covid identity, the exhibition intends to question the very nature of how we display art. By dispersing his work throughout the fair in three separate parts, Maurizio Cattelan creates a new, dynamic and emotional experience in which the moments of silence become as significant as the spoken word. 

Smoke premieres a series of new works born from the tragic memories of September 11th, as we reflect upon its 20th anniversary. These memories also form the basis of Breath Ghosts Blind, the exhibition of his work at Pirelli Hangar Bicocca in Milan, curated by Roberta Tenconi and Vicente Todolì, and on view until February 20, 2022.

Through an unprecedented visual language, Smoke is an experiment in collective writing and an exercise in shared mourning. Smoke  is an act of rebellion against the rules of the global art system, and by extension a very universal challenge to the rules that govern our actions. Reflecting upon memory, love, and loss, the exhibition is at once a declaration of love and a funeral march.

One of the most celebrated artists working today, Maurizio Cattelan depicts reality through its collective image, its icons and symbols. The artist unveils humanity by revealing its untold dreams as well as its scariest nightmares.  

 *Please note: The three galleries will not present solo booths by Maurizio Cattelan. The works by the artist part of Smoke will be presented among a selection of other artists of the galleries, chosen independently.


Maurizio Cattelan
Others, 2010
Variable dimensions
Courtesy Maurizio Cattelan Archive
Photo by Zeno Zotti


24 - 26 September 2021

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