Image: Cerith Wyn Evans
Group Exhibition

Cerith Wyn Evans Mudam Luxembourg Museum

Mudam Luxembourg presents The Mudam Collection and The Pinault Collection in Dialogue with a suspended sculpture by Cerith Wyn Evans from the Pinault Collection. This display is the second part of a collaboration with the Pinault Collection, following the presentation of sculptural works by Danh Vo in 2019. 

Wyn Evans’ We are in Yucatan and every unpredicted thing from 2012/2014, is, through the poetic allusion of its title, an invitation to another place. The work links a coastal state of Mexico with the refinement of Italian craftsmanship. The sculpture takes the form of a delicately crafted chandelier produced by the Galliano Ferro glass workshop in Murano. Its light intensity varies subtly according to the rhythm of a soundscape composed by Wyn Evans, featuring the sounds of machines and birds chirping. A discreet, pulsating flicker describes a rhythm from the arrangement of recorded sound. These esoteric signals alters our perceptual field and the space from which they emanate.

12 December 2020 - 5 April 2021

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