Image: Tacita Dean - A SCULPTURE, A FILM, & SIX VIDEOS
Group Exhibition

Tacita Dean - A SCULPTURE, A FILM, & SIX VIDEOS Wesleyan University

A SCULPTURE, A FILM, & SIX VIDEOS is an exhibition of a sculpture, a film and a survey of six recent video works presented in a nontraditional, temporal framework. The video works address continuities and discontinuities in time. The green ray, for example, referenced in the subtitle of the sculpture and in the title of the film by Tacita Dean, included in the exhibition, is a naturally occurring phenomenon: a flash of green light crossing the sky after the sun has set. In the 19th century it was a widely held Romantic belief in Europe that observing the green ray gave the viewer a heightened perception of the world and viewing the ray indicated a coming transformation. Jules Verne encapsulated that ideal in his 1882 novel, The Green Ray, referring to the color as "the true green of Hope."

In her collected writings, Dean explains that "looking for the green ray became about the act of looking itself, about faith and belief in what you see." Dean's 16mm film, The Green Ray (2001), will be screened in the gallery as an event rather than a film installation as it has typically been exhibited. The green ray grounds the temporal framework of the exhibition itself and the specificity of media's relation to time, delineating difference of time in sculpture, in video, in film, in performance, in event, in exhibition.

8 September - 22 November 2020

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