Image: Danh Vo - oV hnaD
Solo Exhibition

Danh Vo - oV hnaD The National Museum of Art, Osaka

The National Museum of Art, Osaka is pleased to present the first solo exhibition at a Japanese art museum by Danh Vo.

Vo's works deal with his own experiences and family history, incorporating readymade objects rich in socio-political historical implications, collected materials such as photographs and letters, and objects produced by important people in his life. In these works, themes such as identity, power, history, hegemony, and eroticism emerge directly or figuratively, inviting viewers to adopt varying perspectives on a single object or phenomenon.

This solo exhibition features approximately 40 pieces including new and recent ones, among them a collaborative project with the family of the late US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, one of the major architects of the Vietnam War. Viewers can enjoy full immersion in the unique world Vo creates with his unparalleled capacity for selection and juxtaposition of objects. Another highlight is the installation of works in the galleries, their placement carefully thought out by Vo himself.

2 June - 11 October 2020

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