Image: Nan Goldin - Sirens
Solo Exhibition

Nan Goldin - Sirens The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo of Málaga

The Centro de Arte Contemporáneo of Málaga is proud to present Sirens (2019), a work by Nan Goldin made using found video footage, which will be on view in Space 5 until October 2020.  

Sirens (2019) is her first film made exclusively with found video footage and scenes borrowed from works by Kenneth Anger, Lynee Ramsay, Federico Fellini and Henri-Georges Clouzot, as well as documentary footage of a London rave in 1988.

The silhouette of a naked body seen through a glass door, a woman smoking, a white room with a person inside, someone picking at a wound with a safety pin, people dancing under a red light, bodies coming to life, a beach, caged dogs and a storm-swept landscape are just some of the shots we can see in Nan Goldin's video piece.

The work is set to an emotive new score by the composer and instrumentalist Mica Levi. The music recalls the voices of the sirens in Greek mythology, whose song lured sailors to certain death at sea. The combination of images and music plunges viewers into a hypnotic trance similar to the experience of being high.

21 July - 25 October 2020

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