An organ sits in a darkened room in front of light from a projector.

Christian Boltanski Fosse

Centre Pompidou and Opera Comique present Fosse, an opera by Christian Boltanski, Jean Kalman and Franck Krawczyk. The performance will take place level-1 at the Berger carpark, right below the Centre Pompidou. The work is presented in conjunction with Boltanski’s current exhibition at the Pompidou. ⠀

Since 2001, the three artists, who come from different backgrounds, have been working on a new form of performance based on the following three rules: the given space constitutes the foundation of the libretto, the performance has no beginning nor end (the public can come and go at any time) and, finally, the spectator is invited to roam about the stage space rather that sit before it. ⠀

Alike Dante or Orpheus, the viewer wanders around an unknown space, immersed in what goes on below the surface, under the stage, shifting one’s attention to what tends to be customarily hidden. Fosse, or the opera as a mise en abyme. Created for a soprano, a principal cello, a choir, 12 cellos, 6 pianos, drums and electric guitars.⠀

For tickets and more information please visit ⠀

10 - 12 January 2020

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