Carving tools in a blue fabric case on a white pedestal

Leonor Antunes a set of tools by Günter Löscher

6 handcrafted objects in Nymphenburg Bisque Porcelain; customized textile tool case
Limited to 25 sets
Dimensions: 49x1,9cm, 50x3cm, 36x2cm, 50x3cm, 53x3cm, 42x3cm
Price: 7.500 € (incl. VAT, shipping extra)

Leonor Antunes’ work critically explores the history of art, design and architecture. The migration and transformation of material and form is as crucial to her as the artistic production process itself, including a work’s place of creation, as well as the craftsmen and workshops involved in its realization. Antunes created this limited-edition series in collaboration with Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg especially for Haus der Kunst within the context of the exhibition “Interiorities”. The porcelain manufactory is famous for still producing objects that are cast, painted and fired by hand, with the precision and quality of the production process based upon centuries-old craftsmanship and know-how, as well as on the many years’ experience and cooperation of the individual craftspeople.

Antunes’ edition consists of six porcelain objects, wrapped in a customized textile case and inspired by the custom-made tools of Günter Löscher, the manufactory’s chief casting workshop. The artist distorted the objects’ original scale by multiplying the filigree tools multiple times, thereby transforming them into sculptures. The material nature of the original tools - wood and metal – is especially evident in the elegant porcelain sculptures, as are the traces of decades of manual work, which Antunes honors in this work.

You can order the editions by phone (+49 89 21127 151) or by email:


9 December 2019 - 23 March 2020

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