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Marcel Broodthaers The Herbert Foundation

With the exhibition Carte du monde poétique, The Herbert Foundation pays homage to the Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers (1924 Sint-Gillis - 1976 Cologne) whose oeuvre is an anchor point within the Herbert Collection.

Carte du monde poétique comprises the ground floor of the exhibition space and presents a substantial selection of films, works, artist's books and documents from Broodthaers that are part of the Herbert Collection. The presentation examines various aspects of Broodthaers' oeuvre, including the importance of poetry and literature in his work, as well as his sharp, often ironic questioning of the power structures that dominate the art world.

The title of the presentation is derived from the work Carte du monde poétique of 1968, which consists of a large world map that originally bore the title "Carte du monde politique". With simple lines Broodthaers crossed out the letters "li" in the title and replaced them with the letter "é". The new conceptual framework that Broodthaers is able to generate with this minimal intervention forms the framework within which the exhibition presentation is designed.

Following the exhibition, a publication appears with essays by Eva Badura-Triska (mumok, Vienna), Joris D'hooghe ( VUB , Brussels) and Laura Hanssens (Herbert Foundation, Ghent) in which the works presented are discussed in more detail.

26 April - 15 November 2015

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