Image: James Coleman
Solo Exhibition

James Coleman mumok

Mumok (Museum moderner Kunst) presents "Lapsus Exposure, 1992–94," the second in a trilogy by James Coleman.

The work is one of Coleman's most important slide projection installations, for which he is widely recognised. Large projected images are presented in a darkened space with synchronised audio narration, incorporating the use of image dissolves. In Lapsus Exposure, 1992-94, a series of tableaux-vivants are interspersed with panoramic and dissolving views of a production set, suggesting the location of a film or fashion shoot. The characters appear to be musicians, in both contemporary and recent historical costume, with production personnel and equipment also present, as though a mise-en-scene is being staged. The relationship between past and present is also evidenced by the non-linear narrative of the voiceover, which suggests allusions to recorded and live performance, and allegories of analogue and digital photography.

Uncertainty is introduced through the variety of different genres in which the artist chooses to present the images, from popular television soap opera, documentary and film. Lynne Cooke in a recent essay on Coleman's work describes the process whereby weaving references drawn from film, from drama and from painting, Coleman situates his trilogy in a hybrid realm, one that allows him to comment obliquely on these canonical art forms and their traditions without, however, fully subscribing to any. As with many of Coleman's works, the viewer is free to move in the space and find their own vantage point, in relation to the architectural space.

16 November 2019 - 28 March 2020

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