Black and white image of person sitting in geometric white chair. They bow their head and clasp their hands, almost in prayer.
Solo Exhibition

Ettore Spalletti Palazzo Cini

In light of recent developments concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19), events, exhibitions and talks are subject to change. 

Promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History in collaboration with ASLC Progetti per l’arte – Verona, the Ettore Spalletti exhibition will be inaugurated on the second floor of the Palazzo Cini Gallery to mark the annual spring opening of the museum house. Spalletti has carefully chosen the works for the exhibition with the Palazzo Cini in mind. Far from the seductive celebrity at times feted on contemporary artists, he has worked by exploring the venue, getting the feel of it, observing the variations in light and studying the space. The recently renovated rooms on the second floor of the palace will host an exhibition that conveys a deep relationship with a space that was once domestic, and remains so in the artist’s mind.

25 April - 23 August 2015

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