Wall art from exhibition reading "LONG AGO FAR AWAY LEN"
Solo Exhibition

Lawrence Weiner OSL Contemporary

OSL contemporary is pleased to present the exhibition LONG AGO FAR AWAY, with new works by New York- based artist Lawrence Weiner. The show comprises of three sculptures and is Weiner’s second show at the gallery.

Aesthetically, Weiner’s work is defined by a graphic take on typography and shape. He creates work with his own typeface – Margaret Seaworthy Gothic – which he made by hand, aimed to resist the weight of history that many other fonts carry. His now iconic take on lettering – though instantly recognisable – is surprisingly varied, appearing in boxes, diagonally, in colours from sky blue and acid red, as an outline and notably in a global breadth of languages. The new work he has created for OSL Contemporary forms a single thing, but can also be broken into three parts.

13 September - 19 October 2019

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