Exterior image of an Albanian city.

Anri Sala and 51N4E European Prize for Urban Public Space

Marian Goodman Gallery would like to congratulate Anri Sala and the Belgium architecture firm 51N4E on winning the European Prize for Urban Public Space for their redesign of Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, Albania.

Anri Sala once said of designing the space: ‘If I were to imagine public space as a movie, it would be one without script or cast. Its stagecraft would be exclusively intended to prompt the audience’s actions to take charge of the narrative. The camera movements would direct everyone’s gaze back to themselves.’

Skanderbeg Square, with its large pedestrian space, ties the city's architecture to the overall landscape. The 40,000 square meter plaza (9 acres) includes water fountains, trees and an esplanade created using only local materials.

20 June 2018

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