Image: Noguchi for Danh Vo: Counterpoint
Group Exhibition

Noguchi for Danh Vo: Counterpoint M+ Museum

"Noguchi for Danh Vō: Counterpoint" is organized as a unique dialogue between two artists: Isamu Noguchi and Danh Vo.

The exhibition articulates this conversation through a range of works by Noguchi that spans almost five decades, and that includes drawings, industrial design objects, and sculptures in stone, metal, and other materials. Vo’s contribution to the exhibition consists not only of select examples of his practice produced between 2010 and 2018, but also of building a bridge between two institutions and two cities—M+ in Hong Kong and The Noguchi Museum in New York. The exhibition is structured as a counterpoint, a musical term used to describe two separate melodies that interweave and complement each other while maintaining their respective independence. Noguchi and Vo here carry separate melodies, but their voices interweave at certain points in the spaces of the exhibition.

16 November 2018 - 22 April 2019

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