Daily sketches inspired by Julie Mehretu
Education: Elementary School

Daily sketches inspired by Julie Mehretu


Members of our Education Program worked with Studio in a School NYC to provide visual materials and concepts, inspired by the work of Julie Mehretu, to be applied towards lesson plans for grades K through 12. The lesson plans coincided with Mehretu's fall 2020 exhibition, "about the space of half an hour" at our New York space. The Marian Goodman Gallery wishes to thank Alison Scott-Williams, President of Studio in a School NYC, and Senior Director Julie Applebaum for spearheading this initiative.

About the School

Studio in a School serves young people by integrating the visual arts into teaching and learning, and provides professional development for artists and teachers.

About Julie Mehretu

In exploring palimpsests of history, from geological time to a modern day phenomenology of the social, Julie Mehretu's works engage us in a dynamic visual articulation of contemporary experience, a depiction of social behavior and the psychogeography of space.

Mehretu’s latest works reimagine abstraction and her language of gestural marks in an epic theater of saturated color. Providing vistas of clarity and opacity, transparency and impenetrability, Mehretu builds her compositions with blurs of light and contour.  

Layering Lines inspired by the work of Julie Mehretu
Pre-K - Grade 2

The following materials were created with the intention of exploring new ways of drawing. The students were given drawing exercises to find connections between their own drawing processes and the artwork of Julie Mehretu. 

Download the Lesson Plan

Exploring Lines and Space
Grades 6-12 

In this lesson plan, students were asked to experiment with scale, movement, mark making and layering to understand how an artist’s process can create meaning. By drawing, the students would then connect their drawing process to the artwork of Julie Mehretu. 

Download the Lesson Plan

Layering Lines: Inspired by the Work of Julie Mehretu

Writing Team
Judy Hoffmann
Kate Field

Exploring Lines and Space: Inspired by the Work of Julie Mehretu

Writing Team
Pamela Lawton
Anne-Marie McIntyre

Project Team for Layering Lines and Exploring Lines and Space

Julie Applebaum, Senior Director
Andrea Burgay
Nicola Giardina
Paul Urevitch

Graphic Design for Layering Lines and Exploring Lines and Space

Don Giordano

Studio in a School NYC

Alison Scott-Williams, President

Studio NYC thanks Julie Mehretu and Marian Goodman Gallery for their support and permission to use selected photographs.

Copyright © 2021 Studio in a School NYC LLC

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Earlier this year, the Marian Goodman Gallery partnered with The Estate of Roy Lichtenstein to create a commemorative pin. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Studio Institute (Studio), formed in 2016 by The Studio in a School Association (SIAS).

Since 1977, SIAS has provided artist-taught visual arts programs in New York City, bringing nearly 700 professional artists into classrooms as teaching artists and role models for more than one million students. The goal of Studio is to expand the scope to provide programs and create new partnerships with communities and cultural organizations nationwide. Studio is currently working with partners in Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, and Providence.

Roy Lichtenstein Small Modern Head Pin Starting in 1968, Multiples, Inc. (the art publishing company founded by Marian Goodman in...

Roy Lichtenstein

Small Modern Head Pin

Starting in 1968, Multiples, Inc. (the art publishing company founded by Marian Goodman in the 1960s), published versions of Roy Lichtenstein's Modern Head Pin.  In 2021, the white and silver version was published as a slightly smaller remake in an edition of 1000 to commemorate the historical exhibition  Multiples, Inc.: 1965-1992  at the Marian Goodman Gallery New York. 

Small Modern Head Pin
, published 2021 after a 1968 design
© The Estate of Roy Lichtenstein
Fabricated by | MGG 2021
Edition of 1000

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