Tony Cragg: Endless Form at Museo Nivola

Tony Cragg: Endless Form at Museo Nivola

June 30 – September 30, 2018

Museo Nivola's exhibition  brings the work of Tony Cragg to Sardinia for the first time.

With this project, the museum, by using the legacy of Costantino Nivola as its starting point, continues its exploration of sculpture as a tool for the investigation of space, comparison of form and materials, and as an artistic practice that can have a real impact on today’s culture and social dynamics.

In a space flooded with light, Cragg’s monumental sculptures are in dialogue with each other, the architectural context, and the landscape that can be glimpsed through the arches of the large windows.

Its volumes are at once both imposing and light, and as a result the works take firm possession of the space, without seeming static. On the contrary, they seem to be in a state of constant flux, following the inclination of the rays of light and the movements of the viewer around them.