Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean at Centre Pompidou's Cinéma du Réel

March 23 - April 21, 2018

Tacita Dean will be the focus of this year’s Cinéma du Réel: In Between section, devoted to contemporary artists working in film,  at the Centre Pompidou. Following the presentations of Shelly Silver (2015), Akram Zaatari (2016), and Vincent Dieutre (2017), this year’s 40th edition will be devoted to Tacita Dean’s 16mm and 35mm films, and will feature screenings of The Uncles (2004), Kodak (2006), Craneway Event (2009), Event for a Stage (2015), among others, as well as some of the artist’s short films, including the 35mm premiere of His Picture in Little (2017) and Providence (2017).