Lothar Baumgarten at XIV Cuenca Biennial

Film Screening: Lothar Baumgarten at XIV Cuenca Biennial

November 23, 2018 - February 3, 2019

Lothar Baumgarten’s 1978 film, “Ursprung der Nacht” (Amazonas Kosmos) / “Origin of the Night” (Amazon Cosmos), is part of the XIV Cuenca Biennial. The theme of this year's biennial is "Living Structures. Art as a plural experience," and it is curated by Jesus Fuenmayor. 

This curatorial proposal is an invitation to reflect on the ways in which we relate to art in order to focus on the idea of art as a living and plural experience: aesthetic, sensorial, intellectual, emotional, psychological, but also political, sociological, and anthropological.