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September 10- November 20, 2016

The Instituto Moreira Salles will present a solo exhibition of Sala's work, including a screening of his film, 1395 Days without Red and an artist talk on the day of the opening. 

Anri Sala at Instituto Moreira Salles
September 4, 2015- March 5, 2017

The exhibition On The Other Side concentrates on Richard Deacon’s more recent activity during the last ten years. The Langen Foundation has gathered works of art fashioned from wood, metal, and ceramics which display an experimental exploration of materials, as is so characteristic of Deacon’s work. 

Richard Deacon at the Langen Foundation
August 26- November 13, 2016
The Museum Folkwang presents Richard Deacon: Drawings and Prints 1968-2016. This exhibition is the first survey of the artist’s works on paper, featuring more than 100 drawings and prints, enriched by several paradigmatic sculptural works and models.

It is curated by Julian Heynen with close collaboration with the artist.
Richard Deacon at Museum Folkwang
August 4, 2016
The Aspen Art Museum will host an artist talk with Gabriel Orozco on the occasion of his solo exhibition at the museum, which explores the poetry of chance encounters while blurring the boundary between art and the everyday.
Gabriel Orozco Artist Talk at Aspen Art Museum
July 31, 2016
A member of the curatorial team of Jupiter Artland will accompany Christian Boltanski as he offers rare insights into his process, followed by a short Q&A in the circular marquee. Sorcha Carey, Director of Edinburgh Art Festival, will also join the conversation panel.
Christian Boltanski Artist Talk at Jupiter Artland
July 30- October 9, 2016
The NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore presents the debut showing in Southeast Asia of The Sovereign Forest by Amar Kanwar. 

The Sovereign Forest initiates a creative response to our understanding of crime, politics, human rights and ecology. The validity of poetry as evidence in a trial, the discourse on seeing, on compassion, justice and the determination of the self, all come together as a constellation of films, texts, books, photographs, objects, seeds and processes. Focused on the exhaustive struggles over the resource-rich land of Odisha in East India and the issue of its ownership, this internationally acclaimed project has been presented in various expanding iterations.
Amar Kanwar at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore
July 30-September 25, 2016

For his first permanent installation in the United Kingdom, Jupiter Artland presents Animitas by Christian Boltanski. The work is comprised of hundreds of small Japanese bells attached to long stems planted in the ground. Each bell will be placed on the island within the Duck Pond to reproduce the map of the stars on the night the artist was born, September 6, 1944.

Alongside the artist’s permanent addition to the collection, Christian Boltanski will present two installations in the Steadings Gallery and Goldsworthy Room. Theatre d’ombres is a series developed by the artist across different moments since 1984 and Les Archives du Coeur is a collection of recorded heartbeats that the artist has been gathering since 2008 and is housed on the uninhabited Japanese Island of Teshima.

This acclaimed installation will be presented at Jupiter Artland and will offer visitors the opportunity to record their heartbeat to be submitted to Boltanski’s archive.


Christian Boltanski at Jupiter Artland
July 29- December 18, 2016
The Aspen Art Museum presents a solo exhibition of Gabriel Orozco, recipient of the 2016 Aspen Award for Art, and known for exploring the poetry of chance encounters while blurring the boundary between art and the everyday.

His AAM exhibition is curated by Heidi Zuckerman and will present several new works. 

Gabriel Orozco at Aspen Art Museum
July 8- August 6, 2016

The Modern Art Museum of Addis Ababa Gebre Kristos Desta Center in collaboration with the United States Embassy presents Julie Mehretu: The Addis Show, an exhibition that will feature 17 of Mehretu’s paintings, ranging from her earliest paintings to her most recent works. 

The Museum is especially pleased to host this show as it will mark the first time that Mehretu will exhibit her work in Ethiopia, where she was born and raised until she was 7.

Julie Mehretu at The Modern Art Museum of Addis Ababa Gebre Kristos Desta Center
July 5- August 14, 2016
The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden will present a new interpretation of Tino Sehgal's work “Those Associations”, which he developed in 2012 for London's Tate Modern.

For the duration of this intervention, up to 40 actors will occupy the atrium of the Albertinum, filling the space with choreographed movements ranging from swarm-like groups to individual isolation, filling the air with song and speech. Sehgal's actors are perfectly normal Dresdeners of different ages, different social milieus and backgrounds who forge a direct connection to Dresden with their personal stories and experiences.

In an unpredictable interplay between the actors and visitors, there are moments of utterly spontaneous personal, human interaction. All that counts is direct meetings on an equal footing, always with an uncertain result. All that remains is “These Associations”: the links that might form between the actors, the visitors, the place and the stories.
Tino Sehgal at Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
July 5- November 6, 2016
The Instituto Valenciano Arte Moderno presents a solo exhibition by Christian Boltanski that addresses the major themes in his oeuvre- memory, loss and death.  

This exhibition is set up to celebrate the awarding of the 2014 Premio Internacional Julio González and comprises of eight large installations placed in IVAM’s Gallery 1.
Christian Boltanski at Instituto Valenciano Arte Moderno
July 4-September 25, 2016

LUMA Arles presents William Kentridge's More Sweetly Play the Dance, a multiscreen installation depicting a caravan procession that stretches from floor to ceiling, forty meters in length.

The work evokes long-standing associations with religious processions and cheerful parades. But the motif of the procession also alludes to the flow and passage of refugees—signifying a universal symbol for movement and motion, various political processes and activism, and more generally, the course of history.

William Kentridge at LUMA Arles
July 2, 2016
The Kröller Müller Museum presents La Saison des Fêtes, a large-scale intervention taking place in the sculpture garden for the first time in years. It is a circular garden set in a landscape of sand hills. In the garden everything revolves around plants, which relate to festivals from all over the world. There are 45 species of plants; annuals and perennials, bulbs, shrubs and trees, with an eye-catching palm tree among the sand hills. With the flowering of the various plants, the festivals, seasons and months of the years become topical time and again.

Huyghe's work assumes very different forms: from objects, photographs, drawings, films and music to living organisms. La Saison des Fêtes is a self-generating system, for which the artist provided the impetus, but which then continues to develop.

It will be officially opened on July 2, but visitors can already see the garden being laid out.

Pierre Huyghe at the Kröller Müller Museum
October 26, 2016

Independent Curators International will honor Marian Goodman with the 2016 Leo Award. The award honors the legacy of pioneering art dealer Leo Castelli, an early supporter of ICI, which helps support contemporary art curators, and recognizes Goodman’s commitment to and advocacy on behalf of her artists and her major contributions to the field.

Goodman, the first gallerist to be so honored, will receive her award at ICI’s Annual Benefit & Auction, which will take place in New York on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. The organization will also recognize a to-be-named emerging curator, selected from nominations by leading international curators, with the biannual Gerrit Lansing Independent Vision Award.

“Last year, ICI marked its 40th anniversary, a milestone that Marian Goodman Gallery will celebrate just a year from now,” said Renaud Proch, ICI’s executive director. “We’re proud to honor Marian Goodman for her steadfast support of so many of the artists who move us, impact society, and help us make sense of the world in which we live.”

In a press release, the organization praised Goodman for her “deep commitment to fostering the careers of some of the most significant and respected artists of our times, with a distinctive vision—international in scope, thoughtful, and always intimately supportive of the creative process—that is in many ways connected to ICI’s mission.”

Marian Goodman Awarded Independent Curators International’s 2016 Leo Award
June 28- May 2017

The City of London’s annual public art program, "Sculpture in the City", places contemporary art works in unexpected locations, providing a visual juxtaposition to the capital’s insurance district.

This year’s edition, the largest to date, will showcase 15 works ranging considerably in scale and will include William Kentridge, in collaboration with Gerhard Marx, and Giuseppe Penone.

Kentridge and Marx will present Fire Walker (2009) on Bishopsgate while Penone will be showing Idee di Pietra – 1372 KG di Luce (2010) in front of Norman Foster’s the Gherkin, St Mary Axe. 

William Kentridge and Giuseppe Penone in
June 25- October 16, 2016

The Frac Pays de la Loire presents a solo exhibition of Amar Kanwar. His video installation, The Torn First Pages, which projects the spectator in the maze of the dictatorship in Myanmar will debut in France for the first time.

A tribute to the civil resistance, the installation, composed of 19 movies, constitutes a judiciary poetic journey entwining elliptically and metaphorically the activist’s path fighting for democracy. Beyond the social and political observation, Amar Kanwar narrates traumatic memories in order to overcome them.

Amar Kanwar at Frac Pays de la Loire
June 25, 2015- January 9, 2017

The Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo presents two video installations of Pierre Huyghe. The video, The Host and the Cloud (2009–10), is a tale, a journey in the mind of an absent subject, conceived as a roleplay and filmed over the course of a year in the disused building of a closed museum in Paris next to the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

Alongside, A Way in Untilled (2012) follows the wandering of a dog with a fluorescent leg into a parallel world of organic decay, evolving around the well-known sculpture Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt), a half lying woman figure whose head is a swarm of bees. Through these documentary films of science fiction, the artist plunges the viewer into a visual and audio odyssey.

Pierre Huyghe at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo
June 23, 2016
Sir Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Tacita Dean​, Steve McQueen​ and the Marian Goodman Gallery give their support to the Britain Stronger in Europe​ Campaign. VOTE REMAIN.

"European countries acting together and getting to understand their neighbours needs and attitudes has provided Europe with 70 years of peace, relative prosperity and agreement on many common values that are vital to their mutual well being. The differences in cultures across the wide range of nations have become a source of enjoyment and pleasure, and enriched all our lives. Putting these facts into question is the result of cynical political opportunism and divisiveness"- Sir Tony Cragg​
"Whilst I think that there are issues of democratic accountability within Europe, I also believe that Europe has been a strong champion of social welfare, environmental protection, cultural diversity and human rights. I do not think that a British exit would make things better for British citizens. Nor do I think that there is any economic argument for a British exit. I do not want my children's future to be blighted by the  consequences that I believe would follow a vote to leave".- Richard Deacon​
Marian Goodman Gallery in support of
June 21, 2016
Hans Ulrich Obrist will be in conversation with Nairy Baghramian and Joseph Grigely coinciding with Nairy Baghramian Scruff of the Neck and Joseph Grigely The Gregory Battcock Archive.   

Following the talk will be the launch and signing of Oceans of Love: The Uncontainable Gregory Battcock, edited with an introduction by Joseph Grigely and published by Koening Books, London. 

This talk will take place on June 21 at 5:30pm and is open to the public but requires an RSVP to
Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation with Nairy Baghramian and Joseph Grigely
June 14, 2016
The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Luminato Festival present a series of screenings by Pierre Huyghe, tonight at 7pm.
A Way in Untilled and Untitled (Human Mask) will be screened in celebration of Pierre’s important work Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt) [Reclining Female Nude], installed for the first time in Toronto since its recent acquisition by AGO.
The sculpture will be on view until June 26.
Pierre Huyghe at Art Gallery of Ontario
June 11- September 18, 2016
The Berliner Martin-Gropius-Bau presents "Thomas Struth: Nature and Politics", an exhibition that will feature approximately 35 large-format photographs from the years 2005 through 2016 that explore how human ambition and imagination become spatial, objective reality.
Thomas Struth at Martin-Gropius-Bau
June 10- October 16, 2016
Daegu Art Museum presents The Light That I Feel, a solo exhibition by Yang Fudong.

It marks the first large-scale solo exhibition of the Chinese artist in South Korea. Specially designed with a “film installation” concept using the museum’s space as its basis, the museum be presenting Yang’s recent, unremitting exploration and creation of the visual language with such cues as time and space.
Yang Fudong at Daegu Museum
June 5- October 28, 2016

The Royal Djurgården, Stockholm presents a sculpture exhibition featuring the works of Tony Cragg.

The exhibition at Djurgården consist of five monumental sculptures in which two will be placed by the water below Rosendal Palace, while the others will be installed along the boardwalk below Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology and The Museum of Ethnography.


Tony Cragg at Djurgården
May 26, 2016
The Museum Fondation Lambert presents a screening of Chantal Akerman's No Home Movie (2015) with guests Claire Atherton, a long time editor and collaborator of Chantal Akerman and Corinne Rondeau, a university lecturer, critic for France Culture and writer of several monographs (Lucinda Childs, David Claerbout, Susan Sontag and one to be published on Chantal Akerman).

Chantal Akerman Screening at Museum Fondation Lambert
May 19- June 12, 2016
The American Academy of Arts and Letters has chosen Thomas Struth as one of the fifteen newly elected members for 2016.

The Academy will also have an exhibition of paintings, works on paper, video, and photographs; architectural models and renderings; and original manuscripts by newly elected members and recipients of honors and awards which will include Struth's Space Shuttle 1, Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, USA (2008).

Works will be on view from May 19 through June 12, at the Academy galleries located on the historic Audubon Terrace.
Thomas Struth is Newest Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
June 10- October 2, 2016

This summer, the annual sculpture display in the Rijksmuseum’s gardens is dedicated to Giuseppe Penone. It will be the first time that, in addition to a number of earlier iconic works, new work by the artist will be shown, such as Vene di pietra tra i rami ('Stone veins between branches', 2015).


Giuseppe Penone at the Rijksmuseum
May 13- June 5, 2016
From May 13 through June 5, 2016, a new and unique exhibition by Tino Sehgal will be presented in Marrakech. This project, organized by curator Mouna Mekouar and supported by Moroccan partners, will unfold at the BAM, a historical building located at the edge of the Jemaa el-Fna square. Tino Sehgal will present choreographed sequences interpreted by dancers, showcasing contemporary work alongside more ancient practices.
Tino Sehgal at BAM, Jemaa el-Fna Square, Marrakech
May 12 - August 21, 2016

Berliner Festspiele presents William Kentridge’s complete interdisciplinary oeuvre for the first time: at the Martin-Gropius-Bau from May 12 to August 21 and in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele during the Festival Foreign Affairs from July 5-17.

The spectrum of works presented here ranges from drawings through the famous animated films dedicated to Georges Méliès (2003) and Drawings for Projection (1989-2011) to the monumental film projection More Sweetly Play the Dance (2015) and the spatial installation The Refusal of Time, which premiered at Documenta in 2012.

William Kentridge at Berliner Festspiele
May 12- August 7, 2016
The Platform L Contemporary Art Center presents Yang Fudong, The Coloured Sky: New Women II as one of their first inaugural exhibitions. Representing China, Fudong's work has the ability to activate the potential for insightful reflection on the world in which we currently live and our relationship to it.
Yang Fudong at Platform-L Contemporary Art Center
May 12- August 28, 2016
The Guggenheim Bilbao presents Eija-Liisa Ahtila's The Annunciation, an installation that consists of three projections that reenact a well-known passage in the Gospel of Luke (1:26–38) that narrates one of the most important themes in Christian iconography, and also one of the central motifs of some of the earliest paintings to successfully use perspective.

This contemporary Annunciation explores the nature of miracles and the possibilities of perception and knowledge and contains material produced during the preparations for shooting and an actual reconstruction of the event of the Annunciation.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila at Guggenheim Bilbao
May 11- July 31, 2016
The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson presents Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel…, an exhibition rooted in the constant exploration of Woodman and her medium. 

The exhibition including a hundred prints, video and documents has been organized in collaboration with the Estate of Francesca Woodman in New York and Anna Tellgren, the curator.
Francesca Woodman at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
April 23- July 31, 2016
The Musée Grenoble presents a solo exhibition of works by Cristina Iglesias.
Cristina Iglesias at the Musée Grenoble
April 21-22, 2016
Triumphs and Laments:A Project for Rome (2016) will be a large-scale, 550 meter-long frieze, erased from the biological patina on the travertine embankment walls that line Rome’s urban waterfront. Exploring dominant tensions in the history of the Eternal City from past to present, a procession of figures, up to 10 meters high, will represent Rome’s greatest victories and defeats from mythological time to present, forming a silhouetted procession on Piazza Tevere, between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini.
The work will open on April 21-22, 2016 with the premiere of a theatrical event created in collaboration with composer Philip Miller, featuring live shadow play and two processional bands performing against the backdrop of the frieze.
William Kentridge's Triumphs and Laments: A Project for Rome
April 19 – August 14, 2016
The Von der Heydt Museum Wuppertal presents Tony Cragg: Retrospektive, the first comprehensive retrospective of the British sculptor's work. The exhibition is spread over three floors with an overview of his entire oeuvre, from his studies up to current works from 2015.
Tony Cragg at the Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal
April 6- September 11, 2016

Castello di Rivoli presents the first solo exhibition in a museum in Turin of Giovanni Anselmo. Titled Mentre la mano indica, la luce focalizza, nella gravitazione universale si interferisce, la terra si orienta, le stelle si avvicinano di una spanna in più…, it was conceived in close collaboration with the artist, and unfolds on the third floor of the Manica Lunga.

Anselmo has put together a unique itinerary that enhances the building’s architectural flow and its orientation with respect to the apparent motion of the Sun along the east-west axis. As part of this itinerary, which, overall, actually constitutes a new installation, there will also be some other works by the artist, including a few important ones from the past. The project will also be accompanied by the publication of a scholarly and artistic catalogue as well as a re-edition of the rare artist’s book, Leggere (1971–1972).

This exhibition is curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Marcella Beccaria.

Giovanni Anselmo at Castello di Rivoli
March 24- December 31, 2016

La Venaria Reale presents Giuseppe Penone- Anafora, seven artworks in the restored Grottoes of the Lower Park in the Gardens in a harmonious “dialogue” with his other imposing installations located in the adjoining Garden of Fluid Sculptures. This set of works punctuate the garden’s path and their contents integrate into and celebrate their bond with their setting.

It is curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and was developed in collaboration with Castello di Rivoli – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

Giuseppe Penone at La Venaria Reale
March 19- June 26, 2016
The Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto (MART) presents Giuseppe Penone: Sculpture, featuring a number of new and significant works, and reinterpretations of historical works which will be shown in close relation with the museum spaces.
Giuseppe Penone at MART
March 4- May 29, 2016
The Museum Folkwang presents Thomas Struth: Nature and Politics, an exhibition that will feature around 35 photographs, many of them large-format, dating from the period 2007 to 2015. Objective and sober, they show highly complex apparatuses, structures, and constructions that shape the world we live in today, but which are usually kept out of public view.
Thomas Struth at Museum Folkwang, Essen
March 4- September 24, 2016

The Espace Louis Vuitton München presents Les Approches, showcasing the work of Chantal Akerman and Annette Messager. 

Les Approches examines existential and autobiographical elements that form a common thread in the artists’ oeuvres, including their mutual quest to both improve representations of women and the position of female artists in the broader critical context of the visual arts since the 1970s.

Akerman's double-screen video projection Femmes d’Anvers en Novembre (Women from Antwerp in November, 2008) will be shown in the ground floor gallery, while Messager's Ma collection de proverbs (2012) will be shown in the upper gallery.

Chantal Akerman and Annette Messager at Espace Louis Vuitton München
February 25- June 30, 2016

The Frederick Kiesler Foundation presents Lawrence Weiner - FULL CIRCLE, with a completely redesigned version of his 1999 work for this exhibition. His profound concept of space, his analysis of each specific spatial situation characterize Weiner’s œuvre – here, a bridge to Frederick Kiesler’s work, which revolved around the superordinate idea of an endless space throughout all his life, is built in complete independence. 

For the exhibition at the Frederick Kiesler Foundation, Lawrence Weiner did not only create new wall installations, but is also responsible for the design of the exhibition’s poster and booklet. 

Lawrence Weiner at Austrian Frederick and Lillian Kiesler Private Foundation
January 22- July 31, 2016
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Monterrey (MARCO) presents Animitas, a solo exhibition of Christian Boltanski, which includes representative works that evoke places of spiritual worship, notions of sanctuary and questions the mechanisms of today's world to preserve memory.
Christian Boltanski at MARCO
April 26, 2014- ongoing
Toledo stands above the fast flowing waters of the River Tagus. Its waters were drawn up by the first communities into their fountains, cisterns and baths, and so the settlement flourished.

In making Tres Aguas – A Project for Toledo, her most ambitious work to date, Cristina Iglesias drew from the cultural history of the city, its mingling and layering of Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities who lived alongside each other for centuries in the period known as "La Convivencia" or The Co-existence. The three sculptural works that make up the project bring water to the fore; it courses through channels and travels back into the ground after animating the surfaces of the works so they come to resemble the overgrown bed of some ancient river. Visitors are taken on a journey through the city as they visit each work, from a mudéjar water tower to the city's main public space and then onto a hidden location within a convent, a place not normally open for visitors.
Conceived as a journey into the heart of the city, Iglesias' project aligns the hard materials of architecture and the fluidity of water to deliver a sequence of large-scale sculptural works that bring the river back into the body of this historic city. 
Cristina Iglesias: Tres Aguas