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The gallery does not review unsolicited artists' submissions. Submissions sent to the gallery will not be returned.

Marian Goodman, President
Beth Stub, Executive Assistant to Marian Goodman

Elaine Budin, Managing Director

Andrew Richards, Senior Director
Lissa McClure, Director
Kate Abrams, Assistant to Andrew Richards and Lissa McClure

Rose Lord, Director
Leslie Nolen, Director
Ed Lopez, Assistant to Rose Lord and Leslie Nolen

Karina Daskalov, Director
Jessie Washburne-Harris, Director
Ellison Mellor, Assistant to Karina Daskalov and Jessie Washburne-Harris

Alice Kim, Associate Director
Linda Pellegrini, Director of Communications
Junette Teng, Special Projects
Catherine Belloy, Archivist
Yunsung Hong, Digital Media Coordinator
Alena Marchak, Librarian
Jill Putterman, Gallery Assistant
Marine Pariente, Gallery Assistant

Steve Griffin, Exhibitions Manager
Scott Porter, Associate Exhibitions Manager and Art Preparator
Brian Loftus, Registrar
John Frost, Manager Operations and Facilities
Ricardo Gonzalez, Assistant Storage Facilities and Art Preparator
RJ Gallardo, Art Preparator


Raphaƫle Coutant, Responsable Communications


Marian Goodman Gallery
24 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Telephone 212-977-7160
Fax 212-581-5187

Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 6PM
Galerie Marian Goodman
79 Rue Du Temple
75003 Paris

Telephone 33-1-48-04 7052
Fax 33-1-40-27-8137

Tuesday - Saturday, 11AM - 7PM

Marian Goodman Gallery
5-8 Lower John Street
London W1F 9DY

Telephone: 44 (0)20 7099 0088
Fax: 44 (0)20 7099 0089

Tuesday - Saturday, 10AM - 6PM

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