Past Exhibitions
Past Exhibitions
David Goldblatt
Structures of Dominion and Democracy

September 6 - October 18, 2014


Here, on 26 June 1955, under harassment by the police, some 3000 people from all over South Africa, representing many organisations, adopted the Freedom Charter, which inspired the constitution of post-apartheid democratic South Africa. Freedom Square, Kl Covering what was formerly Freedom Square, the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication commemorates the Congress of the People and the signing of the Freedom Charter in 1955. Kliptown, Soweto. 22 June 2006 Detail of a memorial to children Unveiled in 2007, this memorial to those who died of HIV/AIDS related diseases was conceived by Dr Ivan Toms and Soraya Elloher. Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town. 13 September 2013 Street traders and the colonnade of the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication, Kliptown, Soweto. 7 February 2014 On August 16 2012 South African Police shot striking mineworkers of the Lonro platinum mines, killing 34 and wounding 78 in seemingly wild shooting without good cause. The men were shot, some with their hands up in surrender, within a radius of about 300 The City, The Firewalker and the aftermath of copper cable theft. Queen Elizabeth bridge, Johannesburg, 29 December 2011 Miriam Mazibuko waters the garden of her RDP house for which she waited eight years. It consists of one room. Her four children live with her in-laws. Extension 8, Far East Alexandra Township, 12 September 2006 The Thinking Stone, 32 tons of granite sculpted by Willem Boshoff. University of the Free State, Bloemfontein. 14 March 2013 Women's Monument, Union Buildings, Pretoria. 1 November 2013 Kite flying near Phuthaditjhaba, Qwa Qwa, 1 May 1989 South-east wing of a hostel for Black male workers erected during apartheid as part of a scheme to make Joburg city and suburbs white, Alexandra Township, 1 June 1988 Luke Kgatitsoe in his house, bulldozed in February 1984 by the government after the forced removal of the people of Magopa, a black-owned farm, which had been declared a Encampment of swerwers, nomadic farmworkers, on the road to Philipstown, Northern Cape, 30 December 1986 Monuments to the Republic of South Africa (left), the late prime minister, JG Strijdom (right), and the headquarters of Volkskas Bank, Pretoria. 25 April 1982 Dutch Reformed Church, completed in 1984, Quellerina, Johannesburg, 3 November 1986 Ozzie Docrat’s shop after its forced closure and before its destruction under the Group Areas Act, Fietas, Johannesburg 1977 Racially Segregrated beach areas and the boundary between them, Strand, Western Cape, 16 April 1983 Die Heldeakker, The Heroes' Acre: cemetery for white members of the security forces killed in 'The Total Onslaught.' Ventersdorp, Transvaal. 1 November 1986 Sculpture by political prisoner Japhta Masemola, commemorating the first and the most recent political prisoners on SL SBLANKES EUROPEANS ONL Bus stop, Derby Road, Lorentzville, Johannesburg. December 1973 Mother and child in their home after the destruction of its shelter by officials of the Western Cape Development Board Crossroads, Cape Town, 11 October 1986 ‘‘Cape Dutch A domestic worker's afternoon off, Sunninghill, Sandton, Johannesburg. 23 July 1999 Landscape with lavatories, Frankfort Resettlement Camp, Frankfort Ciskei, 12 July 1983
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