This Way Brouwn Marché Parlement Municipalité de Tirana Rouleau Compresseur á l'Abri / Steamroller Under Shelter There I wait infinitely for the hurricane to come (with Anser anser), Several birds fly away when they understand it (Panel III, IV and V) Poisoned by men in need of some love (Pavo cristatus) Poisoned by men in need of some love (Remains I) Dear Another Autorretrato con pulgares oponibles, 3 (Self portrait with opposable thumbs) Autorretrato con pulgares oponibles, 1 (Self portrait with opposable thumbs) Tectonic self portrait thinking of the possible disappearance of the Baja California peninsula and reading Antonio Gramsci's 'Gli intellectuali e l'organizzazione della cultura' Chortling self portrait reading Lorenzo Meye's 'El espejismo democrático' and listening to Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 1 in D major 'Titan' Punny self portrait after falling from a hammock reading aloud Dylan Thomas' 'Vision and Prayer' and listening to 'En el tibiri tábara' recording, sung by Daniel Santos in 1948 Crimean Snobbism Piedra iluminada y piedra sin iluminar (An illuminated rock, an unilluminated rock) Making a Record (Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald) After movements from the floor to the wall (record of activity) miniMOON TELLASTAR Unstable Talismanic Rendering 14 (with gratitude to master marbler Dirk Lange) The Quiet Shore Glasköpf (Glass Head) Glasköpf (Glass Head) Untitled The Painting Ball (48 Abstract, 42 Landscapes, 23 Still Lives, 11 Portraits, 2 Religious, 1 Nude) Agon Opera La Danse / La Danza La Danse / La Danza La Danse / La Danza La Danse / La Danza Assembled, moved, rearranged and scraped continuously III Logo to Enhanced Communication SA Farm Map: Settlements SA Farm Map: Deportations Untitled Todo era simple I Sola, loca, mala Todo era simple II Assembly Painting