The Execution of Maximilian Hyacinths (We Also Let Blood) Hyacinths (Consol Jar) Manet (Whispering in the Leaves) Madame Manet (Nevermind) Pavlov (Tuesday Breakfast) Trotsky (Caviar) Trotsky (Smoke Ashes Fable) Trotsky (Love Songs from the Last Century) Anna Akhmatova (Burying Earth in Earth) Freud (Cold Soup) Pavlov's Patient (Malva Pudding) Pavlov (Twins) Pocket Drawings 187-241 Garibaldi Triumph of Bacchus Marcus Aurelius Hyacinths (Flowers for Fanon) Libretto (A guided tour of the exhibition) The Flood Mantegna Lampedusa Yesterday's Good Idea Test for Manet