Past Exhibitions
Past Exhibitions
William Kentridge
Second-hand Reading

September 17 - October 26, 2013

New York

Making the Tree Search
Whichever Page You Open
A Prehistory of the Suburbs
The Shrapnel in the Woods
Concerning Narrative
The Death of Trees
Tree (Combination - Big Tree)
Universal Archive (Ref. 55)
Universal Archive (Ref. 56)
Remembering the Treason Trial
A Sonnet I Never Wrote
If You Have No Eye then Use Your Heart
All the Trees in the Library
Return to that Particular Moment
Particular Collisions
The Over-Determined Branch
Meeting the Page Halfway
He That Fled His Fate
The Prisoner in the Book
Blanc Blank Black
A Wariness of Certainty
Showing and Vanishing/Shadow of a Shadow
Let Us Enter the Chapter (diptych)
Colour Chart 1
Colour Chart 2
The Invention of Africa
Universal Archive (Nine Typewriters)
Second-Hand Reading
Untitled (Wooden Kinetic Machine)
Double Helix  (Steel rotating Megaphone Sculpture)
Untitled (Red Singer)
Simple Megaphone
Untitled (Singer Choir/Chorus)
Untitled (Bicycle Wheel Sculpture)
Untitled (Meccano Sculpture)
Untitled (Small Bellows - Closed Mechanism)
Untitled (Small Bellows - Open Mechanism)