Bird #1 Study for Econ-O-Wash (Version B) Space Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Nancy Conger Trying To Roll A Hoop In A Perfect Circle (Best Sequence 216 Frames) Portrait: Various Identities Hidden with Name/Date Cards (4 MR.74) Spaces Between: Equal Time Goya Series: THIS, THAT, OR THE OTHER The Artist Hitting Various Objects With a Golf Club Various Chairs Aerial View Thaumatrope Series: Horse With Two Riders (Double Thaumatrope) Two Stories (Yellow and Blue) and Commentary (with Giraffe) Vanitas Series: Cool (Short Depth of Field)/Bubbles, Flashlight, Books The Mondrian Story (Version #2) Strobe Series/Futurist: False Bird Path Of Flight (For Balla) #2 Star Theater, 4762 Ridgeway Drive, Lincoln Acres, California