Tacita Dean
November 9, 2017 - April 9, 2018
Tacita Dean will premiere one of her new 16 mm films, “Ear on a Worm,” on the occasion of the exhibition “Leonard Cohen – Une brèche en toute chose / A Crack in Everything” - a truly multidisciplinary show combining visual art, virtual reality, installations, performances, music and writing, in homage to the late Leonard Cohen.
Tacita Dean at MAC Montréal
November 4, 2017, 6 pm.
Conceived as a live performance and performed over four nights at the 2014 Sydney Biennale, Tacita Dean’s film “Event For a Stage” features Stephen Dillane giving a roving, layered monologue that includes segments of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Heinrich von Kleist’s On the Marionette Theatre, and seemingly-autobiographical-though-possibly-invented reminiscences by the actor. Dean used two 16mm cameras as part of the performance, and weaved together the resulting film into a mesmerizing 50-minute work that, like many of her projects, seems to fold time back on itself. Event For a Stage is presented at Metrograph in collaboration with Marian Goodman Gallery and 601Artspace, and in conjunction with “I Can’t Tell You Because I Can’t Tell You,” an exhibition curated by Gabriela Vainsencher, currently on view at 601Artspace.
Tacita Dean at Metrograph NYC
October 31, 2017
In an unprecedented collaboration, three major London galleries, the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts, and National Gallery, will open three distinct exhibitions with the artist Tacita Dean in spring 2018. The three exhibitions, Tacita Dean: LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT, STILL LIFE, shaped by Dean’s response to the individual character of each institution, will explore genres traditionally associated with painting – landscape at the Royal Academy of Arts, portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery and still life at the National Gallery – seen through the contemporary prism of Dean’s wide-ranging artistic practice.
Tacita Dean at National Portrait Gallery, Royal Academy of Arts and National Gallery, London